Diversify Your Retirement With A Gold IRA

gold coinsThroughout history there’s been an incredible interest associated with the investment of gold. It’s no surprise that this special type of the retirement plan is attracting investors with an interest in precious metals and a desire to put gold into an investment fund portfolio. The first step is to speak with a qualified professional to answer questions and assist in setting up the account to meet the requirements as an IRA.

History tells the story of precious metals with gold increasing in value over and over. In today’s economy like all other commodities, the price of gold fluctuates but, typically holds its value through economic conditions, making it a commodity that can be liquidated if needed. Before deciding to invest, it’s critical to learn about the process.

Gold IRA is an individual Retirement Account (IRA) sharing the tax advantages of other IRA investment accounts. The first difference with the Gold IRAs, it’s held by a custodian on behalf of the account holder. The second difference, unlike traditional IRAs, which hold paper assets, Gold IRA hold actual bullion in the forms of coins or bars.


As self-directed accounts, Gold IRAs are managed independently from the government or stockholder type of investment accounts. The custodians or trustees administer the investments with direction from the account holder on how much of the funds can be invested in gold. In most cases, the gold needs to meet a standard of purity and refinement. This is where the custodian or trustee’s experience and knowledge become very valuable to the Gold IRA account. Rollovers can be done with these Gold IRA accounts, allowing the holder to participate in diverse investments, which may include other precious metals or additional IRA plans such as ROTH IRAs, Thrift Savings Plan or 401(k).


The benefits of a self-directed IRA are how the funds are invested, giving more flexibility of investments, but it also makes the account holder responsible for the decisions. Like most IRAs, there are restrictions on contribution amounts pertaining to tax advantages.


Take the time to speak with a trustee, as there are always risks involved with investments. Something to keep in mind, gold gains value when the dollar loses value. On the other hand, market circumstances or conditions can cause gold to rise along with the dollar.

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The Evolution of the Toyota Tacoma

toyota tacomaThe birth of the Toyota Tacoma came to be in the year of 1994. This little compact pickup truck was manufactured in the United states by the Japanese manufacturer Toyota Moto Corporation. The first generation of Tacoma’s model didn’t arrive on the market however until 1995- 2004.

Throughout the second generation of the Tacoma (2005-to present) this pickup was classified as more of a mid-size truck. The Toyota Tacoma was also voted Motor trend magazines truck of the year back in 2005. Back then, most of the smaller trucks didn’t fare well in crash tests. Toyota rated best among the top five.

The Tacoma was engineered with a greater priority on handling, ride quality, comfort, payload capacity, and safety opposed to it’s former original the Hilux, previously the Hilux was marketed in the United states under the name Toyota pickup. The Tacoma’s actual development actually dates back to 1989, following the launch of the 5th Toyota pickup in late 1988 than concluded in 1994.

Calty design research in California designed the 1st generation Tacoma, patents for the production design were filed in Japan in April of 1993 and October 28th 1993 in the United states. It appears that there were a total of 3 engines available for the Toyota Tacoma.

  • 2.4L (4 cylinder) 22R Engine – 29 miles per gallon
  • 2.7L (4 cylinder) 22RE – 26 miles per gallon
  • 3.4L (V-6) – 22 miles per gallon

Though the seventh generation Tacoma pickup truck from Toyota featured a new frame, sheet metal, and the choice of three powerful new engines, the Tacoma was refreshingly new for the Toyota’s line of pickups.

Now in the eighth generation of Toyota pickups, 2005 to present, rumor has it that this Tacoma will be bigger and better than ever, more powerful than all of the rest of the previous models. Toyota promises a better handling and more capable pickup than ever in the history of their line of Tacoma’s.

The newest Tacoma will be aggressive in it’s styling like no other previously. Toyota has a very long standing reputation for it’s steadfast reliability. Now presently, a whole new generation of the Toyota Tacoma has debuted at an auto show in Detroit. The new exterior is accentuated by bulkier shapes and has a more chiseled front end, slimmer headlights, stamped tailgates, new bumpers and so much more. This is the evolution of the Toyota Tacoma. Welcome to their new generation.

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Women And Their Noteworthy Accomplishments Making The News

Annie Lennox is a huge advocate for women’s rights and HIV prevention. She was recently honored by Queen Elizabeth with The Officer of the Order of the British Empire Award for her contribution to AIDS Awareness. Annie has also been very outspoken about the violence and riots happening all across the U.K. Another woman who has had many, many accomplishments in the news is Angelina Jolie. Angelina’s private life hasn’t been the best, but she is an advocate of so many things.The whole story can be found at http://www.popsugar.com/Angelina-Jolie-Pictures-Leaving-London-Helicopter-18708630 She is a Goodwill Ambassador, helping children all over the world, even down to adopting several from different third world countries. She is involved in conserving wildlife in Cambodia as well, having named a project after her son, Maddox. Maddox was actually adopted in Cambodia, after she fell in love with the country after filming one of the Tomb Raider movie there. Angelina also has made efforts to help in Iraq with children and making sure they have an education. Angelina was the first person to receive the Citizen of the World Award. She has also received the Global Humanitarian Award, and the Freedom Award. She is not afraid to get right into the thick of war-torn countries and impoverished countries to get her hands dirty.

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Women And Their Accomplishments Impacting Our Society Today

I was thinking just the other day about women and their accomplishments and how those accomplishments impact our society. I discovered that it is amazing how society has changed and grown because women stepped out of their homes and demanded to be treated as important, real people. They demanded not to be treated as second class citizens any longer and kept in a tidy, little box known as their home. Many years ago, but in reality not that long ago, women started realizing that they could get an education and a degree.Never heard of this before? Get up to speed here. They started demanding their right to vote and be heard. They started realizing that they did have something important to say and that they had the right to be heard and taken seriously. When women began stepping out of their homes the world began to change in ways that some, men and women alike, were not ready to accept. Women began to work outside the home and run for political office. Because women have stepped out of their homes and demanded recognition and rights, women are now able to do and say anything. While there are still some that do not agree with the changes in women, all agree that without these changes in women society would be at a stand still.

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Notable Women Making News Across Our Country

Keiko Fukuda’s personal motto is: “Be gentle, kind, and beautiful, yet firm and strong, both mentally and physically. Her life certainly embodies this motto and serves as an inspiration for women all over the world.

Sensai Keiko Fakuda is the first woman to reach judo’s highest level. The United States Judo Federation awarded Fukuda the rank of 10th degree black belt on July 28, 2011. She is only one of four living judo practitioners in the world to hold such rank. She also happens to be 98 years old.

Her recent promotion not only recognizes her skills and renowned reputation as a sensai (teacher), but also honors the legacy of the Japanese judo tradition. Born in Tokyo, Japan, she is the last living student of Dr. Jigaro Kano who founded Japanese judo and the Kodokan Institute in 1882. Her grandfather, Hachinosuke Fukuda, had been one of Dr. Kano’s instructors in the art of Tenjin Shinyo jujutsu.

Dr. Kano invited Keiko to study in the women’s section of the Kodokan at the age of twenty-one, where she overcame belt and rank barriers to now become only the sixteenth person in the history of judo to reach this milestone. Move over Betty White!

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